Visions for Northolt 
Category: Branding/UX/UI/Community Engagement

Collaborators/Commission: RESOLVE Collective for Ealing Council 

Visions for Northolt is an ambitious community engagement programme which aims to ensure that future investment in Northolt reflects local priorities, needs and aspirations. Between January - August 2021, Ealing Council appointed New Practice and RESOLVE Collective to work with local people to design and deliver the first phase of Visions for Northolt.

Over 300 local people took part, including those who live, work, study, visit or run a business in Northolt. We listened to and recorded a range of views on the challenges and opportunities faced by Northolt. The aim was to develop a shared vision for the future of Northolt by identifying common values and goals.

A draft of this vision will be published online and widely shared in December 2021.This vision is the start of an exciting journey for Northolt. We would like to thank everyone who has participated and supported with this programme so far. There will be continued opportunities to get involved and to help progress the delivery of this vision.

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